Russian for Kids

Educa - Russian Language Center

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Russian for Kids

Educa - Russian Language Center

Our school works with a big number of Russian families, all of them have been selected with an eye to meeting our students’ needs and making their stay absolutely pleasant and safe.

Families provide a student with a single room and 5 meals. Our host families have all necessary facilities in their flats and they are fond of hosting international students.

Your child will be able to practice Russian with them and to share everyday life. Host families are friendly and hospitable, and we’re sure your child will enjoy spending free time with them.

Every child will be under constant supervision of his host family and EDUCA curator. Your child will be taken to the school by EDUCA curator at 9.30 a.m. after breakfast with the host family and then driven back to the family at 6 p.m. after classes, lunch and activities.

After classes children are involved in different sports and social activities depending on the interests of a particular child.

Who should take this course?

Children who want to spend their holidays wisely.

The Course Fee includes:

  • 20 ac.hours of Russian language and Russian history
  • Accommodation 5 meals/day
  • Activities
  • Excursions

Cost & Fees

russian for kids
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Start Date
تاریخ شروع
سپتامبر 2019
مدت زمان
1 - 4 
1,450 EUR
price per week, 1-4 weeks courses.
روسیه - Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg
تاریخ شروع : سپتامبر 2019
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تاریخ پایان درخواست اطلاعات
سپتامبر 2019
روسیه - Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg
آخرین مهلت تقاضا درخواست اطلاعات
تاریخ پایان درخواست اطلاعات